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  1. I watched Columbo and Dumbo with Dikembe Mutombo and now I feel like I wasted my make-a-wish
  2. “Here’s looking at you kid” is both my favorite movie line and the reason the FBI seized my computer.
  3. I’m a just tipper on the streets and a “just the tip”-er in the sheets.
  4. Well excuse me, but last time I checked there’s no law that says a grown man can’t go alone to Minions on ice.
  5. Break out the depends, I’m going on a cleanse!
  6. I’ll leggo your eggo when you lenis my penis.
  7. More like Cuba BAD-ing Jr, am I right?
  8. Señor Gravy Stains

    Joker (2019)

    first of all... Joker does not doesn’t belong in a forum about bad movies. second of all, what I’ve seen here is nitpicking to an immense degree. Who honestly cares about the logistics of Arthur’s mother’s custody in a corrupt, crime riddled, declining Gotham? One that discontinues government programs for former mental patients? A movie not taking the narrative path you envision doesn’t make it a misfire or cowardly in its choices. It distinguishes it as it’s own unique work, and not the movie you pictured in your head before you saw it. Why is subverting calculated expectations a negative thing? This movie emulated the style of 70s character studies, a genre in which the main character’s viewpoint is of utmost importance to the audience. It is intentional that side characters are not fleshed out and that their viewpoint is not overtly presented to the audience. Joker also plays around with distorted reality, furthering the need for the audience to see the entire film from Arthur’s perspective. If there is one criticism I agree with, it’s that Arthur snaps at the halfway point in the movie without enough build up. this is done for pacing reasons that I don’t think hurt the film too much overall. it’s a great movie you guys, and an utterly outstanding “comic book” movie. Outside of expecting a film to be an outright instant masterpiece, all of the criticisms here seem overreaching. stuff that would not be brought up for any comic book film, or any above average movie in general.
  9. Don’t sit there and pretend like you haven’t been fucking these robots, Howie.
  10. Could you do me a favor and pick up milk on your way home? It’s my favorite Sean Penn movie.
  11. My lawn care service will whack and blow in your yard, and we can take care of your weeds and leaves too if you want.
  12. Their rockets are red, their balls are blue. Spay or neuter your pets, or bob barker will neuter you.
  13. I may be a Johnny come lately, but I’m also a Johnny cum early.
  14. I don’t mean to be obtuse, but the juice is loose in my caboose.