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  1. Okay... you're losing me here. A lot of the loneliness, alienation, lack of trust you're talking about - is something that people of color in the USA have been feeling since forever, due to systemic racism. Women as well have often been isolated and cut off through the same male-dominated institutions you mention - churches, men's clubs, etc. So who are you really talking about? Similarly, you bring up Millennials as having trust issues, and having difficulty because they're online a lot, they job hop more than their parents/grandparents, etc. - without once bringing up the Great Recession or the erosion of workers' rights over the last 40+ years. I finally lost it when you started trying to excuse the guy who yelled at the restaurant worker for speaking Spanish. I'm sorry, but I don't care how bad your day is, you don't get to behave like a racist asshole. And please don't bring up some fantasy scenario of him taking care of a developmentally disabled family member - that is a cheap shot and honestly insulting to both developmentally disabled people and their families. The point is, you're looking at a very real, very valid phenomenon without taking into account the economic and political context. It's an incomplete picture at best. Having said all that, I did appreciate a lot of what you both had to say.