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  1. th3mitch

    Bulletproof (1988)

    A thousand times yes, a couple work buddies found the butthorn clips and I ended up finding and watching the movie. Pretty amazing, I seem to remember that his character plays the sax in it too which is weird. You're worst nightmare, butthorn!
  2. th3mitch

    NetForce (1999)

    Scott Bakula and Kris Kristofferson in the dumbest movie about the internet ever. Watch this -
  3. Must watch this movie (Kindof Spoiler?). It's aggressively insane/terrible, starts out like taken with Liam Neeson putting a gun in his mouth, then suddenly turns into a comedy (bills itself as a black comedy remake of a Norwegian movie starring Stellan Skarsgård). The jokes are terrible, there are weird serious scenes with a native american music that make no sense, and a character with no lines paraglides and like 8 hours later in movie time lands into a snowplow and is shot out like a wood chipper (think Paul's cigar chomping exec saying "It's the next Fargo!") and credits roll! Never wrote any of these, but this movie needs to be discussed. Please, if I haven't made the case someone else help. -K