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    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    For a movie trying to be Canadian, why did they use Starbucks and not our beloved Tim Hortons?? Also, surely they could have found a better Canadian actor than Baby Jedi dude with dyed black hair. We are a country full of great actors (many of which are named Ryan). After the truly terrible movie Awake (which should be one of this podcast movie selections as it has to be the worst movie ever made), Baby Jedi should have been banned from acting forever. But, this movie was better than Awake so I didn’t feel the need to throw things at the movie screen. I brought my 11 year old (the movie was NOT rated R in Canada so I have no idea why it was in the US). She really liked it and wanted to go again. Her enthusiasm for the movie was worth it... even though we only went because the movie we wanted to see was sold out.