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  1. Unless you're Stabler and Vincent, I don't fuck with the law ~Wale
  2. kingkongdidnothingwrong

    No farms, no food; no ranch, no dude.

    yes farms! yes food!
  3. kingkongdidnothingwrong

    septic work sucks shit

    ayy lmao
  4. Texts of historical fiction of context say more about the time in which they written than the aforementioned subject itself.
  5. beans, beans, lick my boots, be sure to give a tasty salute
  6. kingkongdidnothingwrong

    The Sonic the Hedgehog Bible

    To me it seems appropriate that the Sonic movie, with all its false starts and realistic teeth, should be run through in an episode of this show. In wishful preparation for that à la The Secret, I've linked here an internal document from Sega written in the late 80's to early 90's detailing Sonic the Hedgehog's internal history. It's worth noting that this is all from before any of the more recent sonic games [1][2] and has since been diverged from substantially, but the lore of this document is fascinating. Give it a read! Also, ref [1] digs into this bad boy in a fun video, so be sure to give that a watch. http://nemesis.hacking-cult.org/MegaDrive/Documentation/Sonic/SonicBible.pdf [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwDGReApaB0&feature=emb_title[2] https://www.earwolf.com/episode/shadow-the-hedgehog-w-jordan-morris/
  7. All dogs are subs, but no shame
  8. kingkongdidnothingwrong

    Fish aren't real

    Don't try to change my mind
  9. But sure, you're the "trained therapist" I'm "paying" so go off
  10. Karen you still owe me $5, and your eternal love
  11. This is an anal sex joke and I'm very sorry
  12. kingkongdidnothingwrong

    John Paul II: Ecumenical Boogaloo

    Don't be a St Peter's square, boogie on down to Vatican town
  13. kingkongdidnothingwrong

    Read my lips: I've gone flaccid.

    Be clear and communicative.