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  1. Kick your feet back Here comes the smut Whip out your sack It's Comedy Big Butt
  2. ABCD puppies? OL, MNO puppies! OSMR puppies. CMPN?
  3. Chungus Bungus

    Avocad-is as avoca-does.

    Avocad-is as avoca-does.
  4. Snooze Alarms: Alas-No More Z's
  5. Lloyd Grossman rolls my gonads!
  6. Chungus Bungus

    Sim, sim! SALABIM

    Sim, sim! SALABIM!
  7. I defaulted on a small business loan for my puzzle store and have brought great shame upon my family. The only thing left now is to commit sudoku.
  8. All panties are edible if you try hard enough.