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    I've tweeted about this before...I like all of Conan's guests. That said, it's been mostly an old boys club. Not the kind of guys I think that would make up an old boys club, and most of them (Conan included) would probably be the first to say they wouldn't want to be a part of an old boy's club....but that's what it's turning into. It's weird because I've always thought of Conan as ahead of the curve with the history of his show, his humor, his intelligence and his ability to shake things up and be spontaneous. Here, on a format that he should have more freedom to do as he likes, he's opting to keep it a male buddy group. I guess I can't wrap my head around that this is his active choice. Yes, there are a few female guests. A FEW. Kristen Bell, wife of fellow friend guest Dax Shepard, and Megan Mullally (who came on with husband Nick Offerman), and Wanda Sykes. All excellent. On his previous in-depth discussion series, Serious Jibber-Jabber there were no female guests. (I double checked on the Conan website, please correct me if one is missing.). Is it awkward for him to have a longer in depth with a female guest? Is it because he likely is friends with more dudes, and strictly following that for planning the show? My thought is he should make an effort and put himself in a slightly less comfortable, unnatural place (he'll be fine) in a conscious way-- like literally make a number count and book them, a woman for every man who has guested...and maybe in time it actually won't be so weird and unnatural, and he can have friends without having to think one way or another about it. There are so many smart, witty, talented women who deserve the honor of being asked to participate.