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    Episode 433 - Featuring Dolly Parton

    Anyone know what "dog guitar" Brett was playing? Maybe this thing? https://www.target.com/p/b-toys-woofer/-/A-13527758 Great ep.
  2. Fwee Wub

    Episode 458 - There's Always A New Woah

    I welcome the value added to my stitcher premium sub (working on year 3) but I hope this doesn't affect too many fans of the show. I sub to stitcher preem for back eps of I4H, and that alone makes it worth the yearly sub (really not much at all), but also love With Special Guest back eps, Hollywood Handbook Pro Version (and ads version!,) and Teacher's Lounge (now minisodes). There are some good limited specials, and the Marvel stuff. And now Whooch. It's worth it.