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  1. East Coast Canuck

    The Golden Child (1986)

    This movie was hugely entertaining and popular, and I totally enjoyed watching it multiple times in the 80's. But anyone who thinks this is a ”good” movie is letting nostalgia impair their judgment. Would love to hear Paul, June and Jason discuss it!
  2. East Coast Canuck

    Night of the Comet (1984)

    Yeeesssss! I can't count how many times I watched this as a kid at my babysitters in the 80's (they had a huge movie collection and let me watch whatever I wanted!). I do remember thinking it was a bad movie at the time, but it was so damned fun to watch. Thank god for this forum because I've never encountered anyone else whose seen this movie and I'm desperate to hear Paul, Jason and June discuss/tear it apart - I think they'd love it!