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    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    I laughed very hard at the suggestion that the director just read the book! Haha. What an amazing coincidence that he used the same slow-mo spaceship models, and a light saber!?! Actually the light saber is such a rip off that maybe it was a coincidence. wtf
  2. Jennifermaverick

    Amy's new podcast ZOOM

    I am interested in this, too! Just today I finished the backlog of HDTGM, I need new podcasts.
  3. Jennifermaverick

    West Side Story

    I agree with everything you said here! Especially the community theater part. Tony’s first song makes me cringe. I thought I would be singing along and loving this movie. But both the leads are drips. Every minute Rita Moreno was not on screen, I was bored. I don’t think I’ll finish it.