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    Episode 432 - Logan's Bun

    The discussion about the Jonas Bros new song "I'm a sucker for you" reminded me of another podcast called "Switched on Pop" where they break down today's pop music - they even went into the whistling part (that HMK disliked). Check it out! Think all y'all might dig the show (especially Stard). The two dudes might be good guests too! Also, question to Howard: Have you ever considered doing a fantasy football comedy pod? I've been wanting to start one and think I would be a great "straight man" (tho I'm really a lesbian) for such a show as I've been deep in the world of FF for six years now and was myself a semi-pro player on Denver's Mile High Blaze women's team. I have been openly disagreeing with some of the analysis I hear lately and feel I have reached a point where I can offer my own "intuitive" take. I listen to six FF shows (as many as I can find) currently and while they are fun shows, none seem to be comedy oriented and I think there is room for such an idea while still offering sound FF advice. Let me know if you are interested (long shot but why not ask). Kimejones1979@gmail.com. Good luck with the baby, Kara! And Howard, my deepest condolences about your buddy Brody ;-(. Kevin and Hugo....I have nothing ... but good work keeping the show going. Kulap (my autocorrect changes your name to Kyla Pratt) - I miss you and it was good hearing your voice the other day! Take care of each other! Kim - Chartist since 2014