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    Episode 232 — The Adventures of Pinocchio: LIVE!

    Geostorm!! Ok, hearme out on this one. It's a Jacob's Ladder movie. It's the only thing that makes sense and makes this movie make sense. Gepetto has a fatal heart attack in the bath. He longed for love, lost his only love, then made a puppet out of his only lasting sign of affection. In his final moments he lives a life with a child, overcomes inappropriate feelings for a child (Pinocchio in the tub, then later the nose moving toward his mouth). He sees a cricket through the water (Pedro always looks like someone looking through distorting lenses at him) subconsciously adding him to the narrative and his own observations of the kids and people around the town also warp in his dying mind (human whale? The criminals? Boys becoming donkeys?) And realizes he is drowning (swallowed by the whale). Then is brought to his own heaven by his creation and lives all eternity with the love he never had.... Tell me I'm wrong.... Kumite
  2. JaguarScribbles

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    TEAM FRED! Ok, I dissagree with June and Jason, Fred is NOT a manifestation of Lizzie, but rather a real, magical being, but please all Team Fred members, let me explain why the movie is still great. As a kid Lizzie is in the middle of a stressful life between her controlling mother and her father. Imaginary friends like Fred exist to help kids deal with this. That being said, Fred is excessive in his tricks and "games." Many kids act messy, destructive, or simply lightly perverted such as the way Fred looks up her mom's dress. Fred is, like all imaginary friends, visible only to his friend. There are, of course exceptions to this, because "imaginary friends" can see and interact with each other, just like in the waiting room. Each kid was shown only seeing their own I-F (imaginary friend) Now, Polly got lucky and captured Fred and this negatively affected Lizzie and she "grew up" without having experienced many immaturities that do actually develop well balanced adults. Once Fred is released, the controlling mother and boyfriend tried to repress the balanced adult Fred is finally, although extremely excessively, finally helping her to be. On the not that Fred is real, though, he is doing and accomplishing things that Lizzie is physically unable to do, from the standpoint that she is physically in the wrong location to accomplish them. Finally, the girl in the end is seen with Fred, and Lizzie recognizes all the signs having had Fred as her imaginary friend, and smiles because she also realizes what Fred represents in the development of the child. Geostorm!
  3. Kumite! Ok, take this with a grain of salt (or a fifth of whiskey), but this film was aimed at kids (unfortunately). That being said, if you look at it with a pre-teen mentality, not to be confused with Paul's and Jason's kid brains, it isn't horrible. It's just not HDTGM bad. It makes sense from my standpoint, that the world is shared by talking bears. You really didn't see that many in the movie cuz... they already pushed their budget with the existing costumes. Why no bears in the lounge? Could all of the bear patrons have already left, or are they more civilized and not getting shit-faced during the week, unlike humans? Plus there is little recognition from those in that world, because they have lived with bears so long... admitting Beary was a bear would be like us recognizing we had kids that looked different. NO RACISM AGAINST BEARS ALLOWED! Would I watch this movie? Maybe if it came on tv, and I had nothing else better to do (or wanted to do) Anyway, that's my thinking. GEOSTORM!!!!!