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    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    The movie doesn't explain it clearly but the fake hand DOES seem to serve a purpose. In the scene where Chucky the Mangler is showing Denny is rat and bible he says "I can teach you how to make that glove, like the one I used to chloroform you. Its real easy." He then changes the subject to his "lab" and his TNT but that implies he built a hand that he either soaks in chloroform or, more likely from a practicality stand point compared to carrying a sopping glove of chemicals around, has a method of dispensing chloroform, which is probably how he can easily kill his victims despite seemingly being physically normal in his non-demon form. Also, I think Chucky did know he was a demon but it is weird that he never seems to turn into one until the end. I have two theories about why he didn't turn into one until the end though: one is that he is usually impotent or isn't aroused by simply being around women and perhaps not even murdering them. The only time his is aroused is when he sees Kaz meaning he's aroused by demons or by the intimidation of Kaz's demon form. The other is the opposite: he has complete control over his sexual self and can hold everything back until it is useful for defending himself against Kaz. Lastly, Kaz's demon didn't seem to have... a personality. It didn't feel like it was a seperate entity within Kaz and even when he was threatening he wasn't a specific other character, he was Kaz as a bad/horny dude or playing a character (Date from Hell/Mom). I feel like the demons in this film aren't fallen angels from Hell but something more like a familiar: a witch's spiritual assistant (according to wikipedia, malevolent familiars are considered demons). I don't think it had a mind of its own but it had something more akin to a set of preprogrammed actions to repel women while making Kaz overtly attracted to them and inappropriate in public to them, to add to Kaz's suffering. That said, for the most part it never did seem specific about what transformations for what situation save that the more Denny tried, the more specifically unappealing to Denny Kaz became.
  2. Johnnyunusual

    Episode 244 - My Demon Lover

    OK, I'm curious: I rented this movie from Youtube I swear every few minutes there's a sound like a lightbulb exploding. Does every other version of the film have this problem or is the problem with youtube?
  3. Johnnyunusual

    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    I disagree. Not that all the kids were bad, but it was inconsistent. Also, Connie (the fuckin' man) was a mixed bag of acting (some scenes didn't work as well as others) BUT he retains his charisma throughout. Bunch of things: There's a scene in which the dad says, showing his painting "If I wanted real, I'd take a bloody photo." This scene follows immediately after Michael puts the Solution on his head and states that he's an even better at painting than Dad and right before Michael's hair returns. Apparently one of the writers of the film is a Czech surrealist filmmaker (who helped oversee the film), which makes me think this small line is something of a mission statement as in "this is a logic of feeling than a representation of real logic." I mean, it doesn't forgive the fact that the internal logic is still messed up and doesn't work as well as something like, say, Adventure Time, which also moves according to its own logic but I do think a storybook for little kids' logic where the parents and everyone accepts whatever thing the book is about. Speaking of, this seems even less like a Grimms' fairy tale and more like an Anyhow Story, which were a series of creepy, upsetting, cruel amoral "children's" stories written in the Victorian age by Lucy Crawford. One story is a tale called the New Mother about kids who behave naughtily, so their mother is replaced by a new mother with "glass eyes and a wooden tail" one day and the kids eventually just abandon their home THE END! It was actually a huge influence on Coraline. Also, the fact that the Mom was still in the family was shocking. The way the family was acting, in particular Michael, didn't feel like grieving so I assumed that this was about a painful divorce that rocked the family to its core. Also, I feel like Sus might have been intended to be an older sister but frankly it works better the way she is. Oh, and there are four brothers: the Signor, The Rabbit, Dr. Epstein and Tom, the ghost. When Michael's dad confronts the Rabbit he demands to know where his brother is "right here" he says, indicating Epstein. No your other brother. Its subtle but he stumbles over explaining "I think he died in a fire.", just like how Tom died.
  4. Johnnyunusual

    Episode 242 - The Boyfriend School

    Frustratingly, I wasn't able to find this film (or Ninja III) on streaming or even for rent or purchase in Canada. But listening to Shelly Long describe piglets death in episode I couldn't help but think that she would be the perfect guest actress on Welcome to Night Vale. Her morbid yet scientifically precise ice cold delivery of how Piglet would die is very much in the tenor of that show.
  5. Johnnyunusual

    Episode 233 — Space Jam LIVE!

    Actually, Paul explicitly mentions it near the end of the show and shows the live audience. They take a look at an online coloring book.
  6. Johnnyunusual

    Episode 233 — Space Jam LIVE!

    There's a lot I want to say and a lot of good stuff was said already. I'll just limit myself to one idea. This kind of goes with the confusing Six Flags analog within the movie. Is this movie... a self-loathing commentary on itself? Now obviously there's the very clearly unintentionally ironic use of "evil businessman" in Danny DeVito who represents the same kind of blind greed that resulted in Space Jam in the first place. He tries to appeal to young people (represented by an alien kid) and desperately gloms onto something popular, sort of like this movie tries with two popular things and awkwardly jams them together. I feel like we've seen that kind of disingenuous pokes at big business in cashgrab/pandering movies before. But also Bugs Bunny's complaint is that the Tunes will be rehashing all their own bits night after night. But the film has a LOT of rehashes of classic bits. Then the basketballers have their talent stolen in the plot, making them embarrassments and in the making of this film they aren't allowed to rely on their best talents and forced to flex muscles they have not trained (acting muscles), making them embarrassments. Michael Jordan will be punished and forced to play with severe handicaps, which I feel could describe as not only acting (a talent that doesn't run that strong in him) but also having to work off no other actors in the nowhere land of greenscreen. Perhaps the writer and/or the director and other people involved in the creation of the movie told the story of their movie being made and having to sell their souls to the hungry maw of unfettered capitalism within the movie. At least on a subconscious level.
  7. Am I the only one distracted by the three theme songs of the film? In order, they are (according to wikipedia): "M.A.S.T.E.R. pt 2" by Play, "Master of Disguise" by Vitamin C, and "M.A.S.T.E.R. Pt. 1" by Hardhedz. Strangely, I thought it had more because it felt like there were quite a few montages (including the end credits, which seemed to be a deleted scenes dumping ground) in the film where at least one is played. They all pretty much feel really similar in sound and in aggrandizing our hero so it took me a bit to realize there were different ones throughout. Anyone else have any thoughts on the "theme" songs for the film? Also worth noting: according to imdb, Dana Carvey made this because it was g-rated and he wanted to make something he could show his kids. I wonder if he ever did?
  8. I am rarely compelled to say this, but I like it.