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    Episode 143 - Manhattan Is Doing Great

    This pod regularly has extremely tepid liberal takes, and for some reason find it unsuprising Kamala Harris makes it into Nejin's top 3 candidate list when Kamala instituted horrible policing policies when we was DA in the Bay Area. See Here. Heavy policing of minorities is a feature of capitalism that goes unquestioned by Nejin. Her focus on just getting women into positions of power speaks the bankrupt politics that is idpol. To the guest Newman's point saying the"first gay president" is somehow good for culture, again goes to show liberalism weaponizing culture instead of dealing with politics with actual politics. Without restructing and rethinking the actual political structure of capital which has created the current conditions, one does little but shuffle the decks within the existing structure. Why Nejin and her guests constantly tow the liberal line on politics is befuddling. KEEP THE SYSTEM THE SAME BUT ADD MORE WAMEN. I believe this is either attributed to political naivete shown through talking about politics beyond it's cultural output or Nejin is a supporter of capitalism and by confronting actual politics would be to bring up questions which get at the problems created under capitalist conditions. Capitalism but just through more women and gays at it. Boom white man owned.