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  1. Hey!.... don't touch that.
  2. If you froze your pee you would have a real gross Popsicle
  3. Menopause, more like men I pause!.... because my vagina has rotted into a dry, baron, smelly ass crevice
  4. Put on a kettle of tea, my dick is clogged and I need a diuretic to pee
  5. Its a bird, its a plane, oh its just a cocaine buffet
  6. Wrong or right, from here on out its just me and my fleshlight.
  7. Put them on the glass or put them on my schlong; either way i'm dripping milk on comedy bing bong.
  8. CocaineBuffet

    Episode 601 - 20th Anniversary Special

    Ryan Gaul is consistently hilarious in every character he does. Would love to see him on the show more often.
  9. Deep sea fish I impregnate but don't call me late when it cums to the fish fillet