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    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    During the episode the audience states that it opened during 9/11. It was actually released earlier as per the information on the IMDB: Opening Weekend USA: $18,145,632, 10 June 2001 And in the Trivia notes: The film was withdrawn from cinemas shortly after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001, due to a scene involving an exploding building.
  2. PilotHaz

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    I like that they released this today - which is Halle Berry's birthday!
  3. This movie looks perfect for a rec to the HDTGM series. It had Molly Ringwalk, Ernie Hudson, Michael Ironside what more can you ask for?! I do see that it has been suggested before but wanted to bring it back to the forefront on the list. Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone On a distant planet inhabited by mutants, two bounty-hunters race to rescue three Earth female captives from the clutches of an evil mutant warlord. Complete credited cast: Peter Strauss...Wolff Molly Ringwald...Niki Ernie Hudson...Washington Andrea Marcovicci...Chalmers Michael Ironside...Overdog Beeson Carroll...Grandman Patterson Hrant Alianak...Chemist Deborah Pratt...Meagan Aleisa Shirley...Reena Cali Timmins...Nova Paul Boretski...Jarrett Patrick Rowe...Duster Reggie Bennett...Barracuda Leader
  4. PilotHaz

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    I remember the show as well.. Brotherly Love - watched it myself as well. I think i watched it more for Liz Vassey though. Jason also mistakenly thought the snake bite challenge was 17 seconds but he guessed 17 minutes.
  5. PilotHaz

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    Filming locations of this movie are shown as being only Arabi, Louisiana, USA on the IMDB. From that you know it is all classic shots of the stock footage of the airport, etc. From the dark shot at the airport with the Money Plane being boarded - it seems that they are taking off in the morning for a whole day of gambling?
  6. PilotHaz

    Episode #245 - Money Plane

    It was always 'The Rumble' not Grouch or Grumple.... I love Jason's hated of 'The guy on the ground' who is Andrew Lawrence the actor, director and screenplay writer of this movie. When I first saw him on the screen I was intrigued - then seeing he added both his brothers in supporting roles was just classic. Matt Lawrence being 'The Cowboy' was great and I actually didn't recognize him at the start. I thought it was some Johnny Knoxville look alike. In the 3rd act where they are jumping off the plane I don't understand why they didn't have a larger wind machine for breaking the seal/pressure of the plane. Money doesn't flow out at an alarming speed which it would. As they jump it just seems the are popping off onto a mat below.
  7. Have to listen to the podcast but when i watched the episode I look at the IMDb as I assume most do. I enjoy seeing what the actors have also been in before and noticed this... Steve Atkinson (Young Bill Nordham) played the younger version of Michael Ironside (Bill Nordham) in this movie. They worked again in the same manner in Mindfield (1989) - Michael (Kellen O'Reilly) Steve (Young Kellen). Submitted to the Trivia section for the movie. Quickly looking at the Mindfield it could be another movie to watch! Mindfield (1989) When a police detective kills a criminal, this traumatic event triggers a locked memory, he didn't know he had, of him being a subject of a CIA experiment.