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  1. I guess the issue also is that even with that scene of the cross she still didn’t have control of her body, and even if there is this Mary Lou half assed possession on her then perhaps that 2nd diner scene would have been a good 2nd foreshadowing to the end question if her boyfriend said “thought that stuff could kill you?” But I’m not overly convinced on that because she still had full control over her body and I know I sound like I’m really hung up on this because I am!
  2. There’s a continuity error that bothered me, right before Vicki was possessed by Mary Lou they stopped at the diner again because she couldn’t sleep after the horse was being a dick and fucking with her and the whole mirror being made of water scene, she puts sugar in her coffee. Again, NOT POSSESSED YET. And when the final scene is “do take sugar with your coffee?” And Vicki coming out of the “vagina trunk” (lolz) she says “that stuff will kill you.” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and call bullshit on that error on the editors part.