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  1. On 6/22/2020 at 4:03 PM, Quasar Sniffer said:

    This struck me as especially strange, since I've actually had jellyfish salad and it's very inoffensive tasting, mostly it's a delivery device for sauce or dressing. It'd be like vomiting over eating iceberg lettuce.

    And @Cameron H., I thought the EXACT same thing about Shakespearean comedies. I thought it was interesting since, reading Shakespeare and romance novels are such aesthetically different experiences, but this movie sort of merged the two. I'm not saying it was successful, but it was a neat idea.

    I know there is a LOT of the movie before Mr. Gute shows up as Lobo, but I think his sister's motivations would be better explained if we got more backstory on what his character was before his illness. Maybe even, for example, Shelly Long tries to hang a picture of her brother atop his Harley in the Andes mountains to remind him that, five years ago, he traveled from Alaska to South America on an epic multi-continent motorcycle/mountain-climbing trip just before he got sick. But now, he's in recovery and he shows no signs of that fearlessness and daring coming back. In fact, he's sinking deeper into depression than he ever was while sick, so Long is just desperate to make her brother well again and she sees this opportunity to contrive a romance as a way to force her brother into mental and physical health, even if they both have to "fake it until they make it," which does occur by the end anyway.

    I don’t think Shelley has any motivation beyond being psychotic. I can’t imagine her writing romance novels based on how she speaks to her brother, daughter, husband, etc.  She does not seem to have a grip on reality or others desires or wishes. Her husband acts just as out of touch with reality and her daughter eats everything. This family could be set in a horror movie on par with the family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A sequel should be made.

  2. On 6/19/2020 at 10:13 AM, RyanSz said:

    I am halfway through this movie and already feel that Shelley Long is the worst wingman in movie history. Why would you not preface trying to set your brother up with someone by mentioning the hardships that he just got over, because his appearance will clearly create some questions in the person that you're trying to hook him up with, thus saving them saying something like "he has no hair" to the point where you give them the riot act for the various procedures he went through.

    Also it is amazing how Kyle MacLachlan can do a character as interesting and nuanced as Dale Cooper and in the same year basically read a book titled "what 90s yuppies are" and shart that out onto the screen.

    In all fairness, Kyle MacLachlan probably had some better direction in Twin Peaks under David Lynch’s direction. He was good in Blue Velvet as well. Dune...Not so much.