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    Looking at what was kicked off the AFI list in comparison to Tootsie I am at a loss. It is a serviceable comedy with some pretty archaic views about both women, drag, and is more homophobic than a movie 23 years its senior. There is nothing especially memorable about its direction, or cinematography, and in some cases such as the score, and editing its outright bad. Does it stand the test of time. Decidedly not. It has a completely chauvinistic view of women and thinks its making a forward thinking statement about gender politics. Working Girl is far superior if we are talking gender politics in the 80s, and Some Like it Hot, Too Wong Foo are infinitely superior if we are talking drag or cross-dressing movies.
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    Saving Private Ryan

    Super late to this topic as I just found Unspooled, but SPR came out the same year The Thin Red Line came out and I think that film is superior to SPR in just about every single way and is one of the few war movies that is hard to be appreciated by pro-war/action lovers. I mean I think its nigh impossible to make an anti-war movie because war in film is thrilling and exciting. Thin Red Line though comes pretty darn close to it. In SPR everyone dies a noble death and the coward is villainized (apparently unintentionally by Spielberg), in TTRL characters often die for stupid or horrible reasons, there is mismanagement. The only mark against it IMO is the narration can be a little too on the nose.