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  1. Did you ever know that you're my footlong?
  2. Like a bolt out of the blue Michael Bolton blew his kazoo.
  3. A rock-a-doodle a day keeps the pocket noodle at bay.
  4. Don’t pick a fist fight passed midnight on whim mate.
  5. Mr. Gorbachev's tears on my balls!
  6. Robizzlefoshizzle

    Boat early, boat coffin. 

    Boat early, boat coffin.
  7. Robizzlefoshizzle

    Mama didn’t blaze no juul!

    Mama didn’t blaze no juul!
  8. A poonfull of sugar would make anyone go down.
  9. A tisket a tasket a full metal jacket.
  10. Be a frugal farter, spread your cheeks out over time.
  11. Hobnob with your friend Bob, then himbim with your friend Tim!
  12. My chest is tight, just one more bite! Deep in the heart of Texas!
  13. I’ve heard of on time, and high time, but I ain’t never heard of plug time!
  14. Full moon, full beer, full bush.
  15. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s malignant!