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  1. A poonfull of sugar would make anyone go down.
  2. A tisket a tasket a full metal jacket.
  3. Be a frugal farter, spread your cheeks out over time.
  4. Hobnob with your friend Bob, then himbim with your friend Tim!
  5. My chest is tight, just one more bite! Deep in the heart of Texas!
  6. I’ve heard of on time, and high time, but I ain’t never heard of plug time!
  7. Full moon, full beer, full bush.
  8. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s malignant!
  9. Robizzlefoshizzle

    Holy matrimony Batman!

    Holy matrimony Batman!
  10. It’s a tough row to hoe with this huge load to blow.
  11. It wasn’t me. It was the one man band!
  12. Invade Iran? Iran so far away!
  13. Shiver me timbers, me timber for a day. Teach me to shiver, me timber for life.
  14. Steal bread to feed my family? It’s the yeast I can do.
  15. I don’t get hangry I get heven.
  16. Mr. Sandman, bring me a meme.
  17. Excuse me. Do these hats come in humongous size? Asking for a friend.
  18. Choke on a goat till it coats your throat.
  19. Robizzlefoshizzle

    Like father, like nun!

    Like father, like nun!
  20. The snake in the garden of Eden was the original smooth criminal.
  21. Suddenly no one had time for Gary anymore. Not since his heart grew three sizes, and is hideous to behold.
  22. Thirty dead after a slip up at the soap factory.
  23. Times up on Mr. Clock! Too handsy!
  24. It’s all wolf man this and wolf man that! Whatever happened to just taking it eaasy?
  25. I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’m afraid the heebie-jeebies has spread to your liver.