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  1. And the chat was disabled on his father’s zoom, and he wasn’t sure how to close out of the room. You have to unmute dad. I can’t hear you. This shouldn’t be this hard to do. We’ll try this again real soon.
  2. If you’re a baddie and you know it, clap those cheeks!
  3. Keep in mind it’s called make a wish foundation, not grant a wish foundation.
  4. What’s a toilet euphoria? Whenuh Zendaya need to go!
  5. If the asshole sticks to the wall you know it’s ready to eat!
  6. I’ve got two ticks and I’m paralyzed.
  7. When god closes a door he opens a window, but you can’t afford windows.
  8. Curly to bed, Curly to rise. Makes a Moe slappy, eye tappy and a wiseguy ehh?!
  9. Chew off the red nose, maim deer.
  10. Hey dildo dildo a cat and a dildo
  11. Big Bane drops Batman , and Batman’s back’s broken. They both have masks on, hard to hear words spoken. Batman is lying, collapsed on the floor. Bane wants to know if he wants anymore.
  12. If I had a million collars, I would itch.
  13. Today, I consider myself, the luckiest bum on the face of this man.
  14. It’s the long dark knight rises of the soul.
  15. How mucha turkey coulda Tim Cook a cook, if a Tim Cook coulda cooka turkey?
  16. Robizzlefoshizzle


  17. Three retiree’s with padded knees referee on the field of dreams.
  18. Forget Chewie, I’m looking for Swallowbacca.
  19. Did you ever know that you're my footlong?
  20. Like a bolt out of the blue Michael Bolton blew his kazoo.
  21. A rock-a-doodle a day keeps the pocket noodle at bay.
  22. Don’t pick a fist fight passed midnight on whim mate.
  23. Mr. Gorbachev's tears on my balls!
  24. Robizzlefoshizzle

    Boat early, boat coffin. 

    Boat early, boat coffin.
  25. Robizzlefoshizzle

    Mama didn’t blaze no juul!

    Mama didn’t blaze no juul!