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  1. An oversized tie-dye t-shirt with Bart Simpson passing you a blunt that says “I Can See Clearly Now My Brain Is Gone” is perfectly acceptable attire for casual Friday, I don’t understand why you’re firing me.
  2. Simon Cowell’s kitchen towel is covered in blood from a murder most foul
  3. In-Between My Legs Looks Like Scrambled Eggs
  4. Why did the Chicken cross the road? To use the toilet and drop a load!
  5. El Chico Malo

    Thick Dicks Sink Ships

    Thick Dicks Sink Ships
  6. I Whispered To Your Sister and She Wants Me To Fist Her
  7. I’m a Loser, I’m a Boozer, I drive a PT Cruiser
  8. You Spilled-a The Soup-a On My Fupa
  9. Your Butt Filled With Lettuce Is My New Kinky Fetish
  10. The Hardy Boys were hardly boys (when they traded condoms for all their toys...)
  11. "I got a hole in one!" said the fat man with the two donuts at the golf course
  12. Did you have to...did you have to...did you have to let it linger? Well what did I expect when you told me “Pull My Finger!”
  13. ‪If you say “Bloody Mary” three times in the mirror your wife will come in the bathroom and ask why you’re drunk at 7 am‬
  14. Monkey in the middle? Subway sandwiches you've outdone yourself!
  15. YES she's my cousin and YES she's my wife and YES we're in love and we're married for life!