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  1. Self-Driving Car? Uh no thanks...call me when they invent the Self-Pooping Butt!
  2. Don’t Hate Me ‘Cause My Taint’s Clean
  3. Hey! Hands off, Santa! These are MY milk and cookies!
  4. My parking skills are unparelleled
  5. I whizzed on the electric fence and let me tell you, I was shocked with what happened next!
  6. That Angry Goose Has Quite The Caboose!
  7. I’m Knitting A Beanie For Your Cold Little Weenie
  8. My Curvy Wife Saved My Life
  9. Look God, in my defense I killed Abel because he wouldn’t shut up about model trains.
  10. Okay everyone, one at a time! You'll all get a chance to see my big butt!
  11. Hello, welcome to Africa Tech Support, my name is Toto....yes....mmm I see, you're having an issue with the rains. Have you tried blessing them?
  12. They Saw My Ass Crack At Joe's Crab Shack
  13. Look, all these bananas will still be here in the morning and I'm getting tired. Daylight come and me wanna go home.
  14. Elmer Fudd Pushed My Son In The Mud
  15. Crack A Window, Air It Out, ‘Cause Daddy’s Driving With His Stick Shift Out!