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  1. My Beer Belly Gets Really Smelly When It’s Smothered With Peanut Butter And Jelly...
  2. “Will These Goats Float?” Asked The Capsizing Boat
  3. Hashtag 2020 CBB Quarantine Bump...Babyyyy!
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  5. Forget this week quarantine nonsense...I’M HORNY!!!
  6. I do not like her in that blouse, I do not want her in my house! Your Grandma peed all over my floor and she's not welcome here anymore!
  7. Just a couple of Dad Bods holding onto their Thick Rods
  8. Crack a window, air it out, ‘cause daddy’s driving with his stick shift out!
  9. My world’s on fire, how bout yours? That’s the way I like it till my butt gets sore!
  10. Yeah I’m into Fitness.....Fitness finger up my butthole!
  11. From Rags To Riches: How I Made A Fortune Selling All These Filthy Rags That I Slept On To Buy The Best Mattress That Money From Selling All These Filthy Rags Could Buy
  12. She was Dummy Thicc but I had a Thumby Dick
  13. Apples or Oranges, they’re all the same to me Doc. Can you get them out of my butthole or what?
  14. My Pig’s In A Blanket, So I Guess It’s Time To Yank It!
  15. Sticks and stones may break my bones! ...actually they will break my bones. My boner that is! Ouch!