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  1. Frostmas

    Episode 21 - Nicole Byer

    Okay, I am going to give my professional opinion. Conan ~ Date rating a 7.5. Physically you're a 7. (You're my parents age) Age matters a little. (I will be 32 in a month) Personality you're a 9.. Lighthearted and funny ..bonus points. 1 Point knocked down for being married and .05 for having kids. ...You're welcome. -Professional opinion from Samantha. (Whats with all the negative comments? I was expecting this to be much worse..)
  2. Frostmas

    Episode 28 - Bob Newhart

    Conan, "the real money is doing stuff for kid cause they have a hard time tracking you down, I'm a terrible person". Bob, "and they're too sick".