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    Episode 29 - Hannah Gadsby

    Hannah, as a person with an incredible history of trauma I wish for the impossible. The generalization of genders and race, is perpetuating the very misunderstanding you have been traumatized by. Surely somebody has shared this feedback. Addressing the problems of the past as though stories of others and self reflection hasn't taken course. Pointing at any group and saying your time is over. I recoil at the recursive mistake of placing blame on a group. The anger is valid, the conclusion is early. I do hope you understand what is at stake beyond yourself and those just like you. It is impossible to see, our suffering be the fodder for change. A chance to enlighten and lay to rest everyone else. Despite the terrible things my father did to me and my family, sitting in a room full Asian men doesn't make me assume. Terribly, the present day culture would say I'm entitled to it. That conclusion sits on silver platter would poison the person I could have been. I wish the best on your journey and my comments are not an affront to your experience. Warmly, N