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  1. Kream15

    10,000 BC (2008)

    From the director of Godzilla (1998) and Independence Day 2. This movie was nuts. Saw it when I was in highschool. For some reason the biggest complaint at my school was how the girl has perfect makeup before make up was invented and how everyone's too attractive.
  2. Kream15

    Wild Hogs (2007)

    Just relistened to the Old Dogs episode. Bump for obvious reasons
  3. Cutaway (2000), starring Steven Baldwin, Tom Berenger, Ron Silva, and Dennis Rodman. It’s a ‘Wesley Snipes’ Drop Zone’ knockoff? Replete with gratuitous flesh, South Florida Trash, Dog Racing? Preview below: 



  4. A cheesy horror about evil spirits possessing a motorcycle. And Anthony Daniels is in it.
  5. Kream15

    American Psycho 2 (2002)

    Yes! Please! This movie checks all the boxes for failed sequel. And this cast Mila Kunis and Montreal's finest William Shatner. But it does imply the murders were real from the first movie. Tagline: "Angrier, Deadlier, Sexier"
  6. Kream15

    Sabotage (2014)

    I love David Ayer and Joe Manganiello, they had a lot of potential together. But this was just a fun flick. Not meant to be too serious, yet still ridiculous. Kind of like Con Air.
  7. Kream15

    Red Riding Hood (2011)

    Same year as Beastly, around the time when every fairytale needed the dark, gritty, "Grimm" treatment. Snow White and the Huntsman, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters
  8. Kream15

    Ghosts of Mars (2001)

    This may be John Carpenter's worst movie, but is it Ice Cube's worst movie? Yes, yes it is
  9. Kream15

    Mortal Engines (2018)

    I picked this up at the library and was surprised I'd never heard of it. Especially since the cover said "written and produced by visionary Peter Jackson" but that should have been my warning
  10. Kream15

    Mirror Mirror (2012)

    Pretty much. It came out 2 years after and somehow scored a 70 on RT.
  11. Kream15

    Doom (2005)

    This would be great for the pod. I will admit I did enjoy the first person POV at the end. (shout out Hardcore Henry) it's hard to think that this is considered The Rock's "skinny phase" but in this, he doesn't seem much bigger than Karl Urban, who is ageless
  12. Kream15

    Mirror Mirror (2012)

    None of it worked for The Huntsman either. Hope your roommate is making better choices by now. There was alot of topless Armie Hammer for a PG movie
  13. Need to hear the team do this one. It's a perfect contender
  14. Kream15

    My Soul To Take (2010)

    Definitely the worst Wes Craven movie. RIP but this was terrible and unnecessarily in 3D
  15. Kream15

    Grind (2003)

    When I was a kid there was this monthly digest called The Magazine Not For Adults. One month they had contest for anyone that wrote in will be entered to win Gind on DVD. At the time, skateboarding was huge at my school. I thought I'd be so cool being the kid who has the movie. And then I won! I watched the movie once than donated it. I was so disappointed