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  1. I dont know what wen wrong with this one it kinda has an interesting idea but it stretches so thin.. Sarah Jessica parker Johnny Knoxville, I think this would provide a lot to talk about.
  2. reddwood

    Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)

    This is a good one very bad movie so bad thats all i remember about it
  3. reddwood

    Prometheus (2012)

    I'll never forget how hype i was to see this movie with a buddy of mine who qas just as hype... We walked out of the movie in silence got to the car looked at each other and both said uhhhh i dont think i liked that movie ... Lol so dissapointing
  4. reddwood

    Double Dragon (1994)

    Funny because this is my firs ttime on this forum and i was like yeah this movie would be a great one to do ... then i seen your post. I decided to see if it was true and not only is it true its in my city philly i might go
  5. I think revenge of the fallen is the worst