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    Episode 217 - Jaws 3-D

    So June was wrong...again. While this film was made in Orlando, the actual SeaWorld in this film is completely fictitious and not suppose to be the one actually here in Orlando. In the beginning the water skiers are practicing in the actual ocean outside the park and come into the lagoon through a channel-way protected by the gates. Then we have the employees meeting after work at the ocean side dive bar, again outside the park for their champagne of the working classes, games of stand off, and heavy discussions of their career paths and relationship statuses via the shoreline. Also during the press event, we see the model of the park and it’s pointed out how the ocean is connected with the manmade lagoon. Last time I checked Orlando is landlocked, meaning this park while in Florida is not suppose to be the actual Orlando destination. Thus meaning Junes comment of the cast never leaving the park in the film is false….both filming took place outside SeaWorld and the characters within the story were outside the park at least few times.