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  1. I'd like to discuss the temperature on the ice planet.

    As Stella and Elle are about to go to the surface of the planet; Akton tells them to hurry because once the Sun sets the temperature will drop thousands of degrees.  THIS IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

    Let's assume the planet is similar to the climate of Antarctica.  Average Temperature on Antarctica ranges from -76 Farenheit (or -60 Celsius/or 213 Kelvin) to 14 Farenheit(or -10 Celsius/or 263 Kelvin).  The coldest possible temperature acheivable, anywhere in the universe, also referred to as Absolute Zero, is -459 Farenheit (or -273 Celsius/or 0 Kelvin).  Meaning, at -76 Farenheit, it is not physically possible for the temperature to drop more than about 400 degrees on the Farenheit scale.

    Now, it is possible for temperatures to change by thousands of degrees.   Let's say the surface temperature of a given planet is 2,000 Farenheit(or 1093 Celsius/or 1366 Kelvin), it would be possible for the temperature to drop another 2459 degrees (on the Farenheit scale in this instance).  I think we can all agree, though, if the surface temperature was 2,000 Farenheit(or 1093 Celsius/or 1366 Kelvin), our heroes would not only be incinerated, but a planet of that temperature would not be covered in ice but would instead resemble Venus (a planet experiencing a runaway greenhouse effect).

    So, unless they're using an entirely differenct temperature scale (which is not introduced), this movie just doesn't make sense.  Just because of that one fact, though.  Rest of the movie is on-point! 😁


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  2. On 8/8/2019 at 1:31 PM, Cockney Mackem said:

    I would say Demolition Man. I think it's a legitimately entertaining film, and a lot of its satirical and comedic stuff lands pretty well. The central idea of the violent angry male archetypes 9f yesterday being a shock to the system of future society has pretty much come true.

    I might say Demolition Man, too.  If, for no other reason, than the epiphany that Sandy B's character may actually be Sly's daughter (TIC?).

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  3. YEEESSSSS!  Do.  This.  Movie.  Best decompression effect in cinema history.  This movie also gave birth to a demonstration on what it means to travel through a wormhole/Einstein-Rosen Bridge.  A demonstration repeated in Deja Vu (2006), and Interstellar (2014).

  4. 9 minutes ago, DrGuts1003 said:

    Here's a different way to look at this.  Based on the comments they made, June and Jason seem to feel that Lizzie is better off for having Drop Dead Fred return.  But let's run down the state of Lizzie's life by the end of the movie.

    She has:

    • No job
    • No car
    • No place to live
    • Lost her best friend (this is not explicitly established, but why would Carrie Fisher want to be friends with her after sinking her home?)
    • No relationship (she doesn't really seem to want to pursue anything romantic with Ron Eldard)
    • Severed ties with her mother

    She's not only worse off than she was when the movie began, but she's probably now ill-equipped to deal with the real world as an adult on her own.

    Don't disagree with the thesis here.  Just thought I'd note that Carrie Fischer did seem have totally forgiven Lizzie after she got the monster insurance check for her floating condo(?) after it sank. 

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  5. 21 minutes ago, doxrus said:

    Team Sanity. I think June and Jason are defending the movie based on its themes, not on the filmmaking. Because they love the themes so much, they're far too forgiving of the film's lousy writing, acting, direction, etc. And they're also giving the screenwriters too much credit for what they perceive the film to be saying. Do they really believe that the writers of HURRICANE HEIST - and not much else - have this much insight into female psychology and gender relations? And when challenged by Paul and Casey on points they can't defend, they just fall back weakly on "It's only a movie."

    I agree on the assessment that June & Jason are judging themes vs structure/technical qualities.  Regarding the fall back of them saying "it's only a movie"; I have to believe this is a product of their improvisational background.  They (#TeamFred) are fully aware that when people say "it's only a movie", that this is a crutch of all crutches that people use when they know there is clearly no defense.  I believe #TeamFred caught onto how divisive this conversation was getting and just decided to run with it (i.e.; Jason giggles almost every time he tries to defend their position).

    These are the mental gymnastics I have conducted to explain their rigidness on the discussion.  Mainly because Jason is my spirit animal.  Therefore, I live and die with him.

    Go #TeamFred (?)

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  6. This movie is begging to be covered.  It has the marks of a classic HDTGM episode in the making;

    - sweet splits

    - a training montage

    - super sexy dancing

    - boxing with glass covered knuckles

    - & 3 three words just waiting to rattle the walls of Largo, or some unsuspecting theatre/lounge, "NOK SU KOW!  NOK SU KOW!  NOK SU KOW!" (never mind it means The White Warrior)


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