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  1. Just watching DDF for the first time (after all these years) and come to find that it was filmed in my hometown of Minneapolis. Awesome to see the city way I remember as a younger lad, far more chill and sleepy...long before gentrification and condos came to turn this place into a butthole of tech bros, pedal pubs, Apple stores and gridlock traffic. I'm allready adding this to my list of Mpls Movies. Not sure if I'm team Fred or team Sanity yet...but I'll check back in later.
  2. Jason's plug for Big Thief's U.F.O.F album was solid. What a beautiful, amazing, strange album and artist. I have been jamming that and their entire discography while delivering the mail the last few days. Thank you Jason!! I have a new depth of comprehension of your psyche. Much love. J