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Hash browns? Me too!

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  1. Hash browns? Me too!

    Hands down, the best way to do a push-up.

  2. there once was a young lad from burbank whose taint was quite nice but his fur stank he'd shampoo it at three but at four he would pee then at six it smelled like an old turd, rank
  3. now my penis is quite long and spikey and it reaches way down to my nikes when i run in the sand i must hold it in hand then i soak it in Vaseline nightly
  4. Hash browns? Me too!

    Fell asleep on the job

    Fell asleep on the job I was stroking my knob Now my foreman is pissed Who, you ask? Foreman Bob!
  5. I'm Scott Soccermom, and I would like to spend the next hour telling you why I absolutely hate the post office and internet ordered mattreses
  6. If wishes were horses, horse races would be a logistical nightmare what with all the gamblers wishing that their horse wins. The wish horses would probably interfere with the race.
  7. Jerkin' ain't workin', that's why my balls are hurtin'
  8. Anyone who falls asleep around my dominatrix is snoozin for a bruisin!
  9. I think Jay Z was crazy to call Beyonce his fiancee. But what do I know, I just want to rock a feller.
  10. I haven't seen so much shuttlecock since the time my faithless wife took up a gig driving the bus for the local single men's badminton team
  11. Hash browns? Me too!

    Hot dog, is that ketchup?

    Hot dog, is that ketchup?