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  1. Godot never showed up, so now I'm Waiting for That Ho.
  2. Keep your hands off, mere mortals; this smorgasbord is for the Lord.
  3. Please keep all hanky-panky inside the Hanky-Pankatorium.
  4. I flirted with danger, but danger turned me down.
  5. The friend who fills your cavities is your Friend with Dental Benefits.
  6. The stars littered the night sky like a bunch of shiny trash.
  7. Throw out that figgy pudding, it's not Christmas yet, you fool.
  8. Look at my lovely lobster lumps, I'm a corpulent crustacean.
  9. Actions speak louder than birds. Speak up, little bird!
  10. Looks like I caught another trap in my trap trap.
  11. If you put on your tunic, I'll sing you a tune, Nick.
  12. Vampires don't care for clam-fryers, but they'll meet you at the clambake if you don't bring your stake.
  13. I got these succulent gams by eating buckets of yams.
  14. It was the best of dimes, it was the worst of crimes. I stole ten cents.
  15. This is a haiku, You can check the syllables, Thank you very much.