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    Pulp Fiction

    Amy said in the Podcast that she wanted to hear from someone born in the 90's, so as someone born in 1990: I have mixed feelings on Pulp Fiction. I'm with Amy for the most part. I do believe it belongs on the list because of how massive of an impact it has had on film making since it's debut. I have a respect for the film and I'm sure that a lot of films I absolutely love were influenced by Pulp Fiction. However, it's far from my favorite Tarantino movie, let alone any movie of all time. There are a lot of conversations that go on much too long without building any tension or advancing the story. The first time I watched it at 17, my friends and I were bored to tears and I honestly didn't get it, which is the opposite reaction I had to Reservoir Dogs on initial viewing. So in closing, as someone who grew up more with Tarantino's later work (Kill Bill, Inglourious Bastards, etc.), and then going back and discovering Pulp Fiction, I am not in love with the movie like the older generations but I respect it's place in film history.