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  1. Matthew Sanborn Smith

    The Gold Rush

    Paul, $7.50 a day was nothing to sneeze at if you were otherwise unemployed in 1925. It translates to over $100 a day today. I watched the Gold Rush for the first time last night and laughed out loud during the fight over the rifle. My adult son came in halfway through the film and was blown away by what Chaplin was able to achieve in terms of special effects in 1925. And we both loved the old man dance at the New Year's Eve party.
  2. Matthew Sanborn Smith

    Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Amy, there's a hidden gag in the lovely opening music. The title is, "Try a Little Tenderness."
  3. Matthew Sanborn Smith

    Bringing Up Baby

    Here's a wild line I didn't hear you guys mention. Near the beginning when they're in the dinosaur room, talking about the million dollars, Cary Grant says, "That's pretty white of Mr. Peabody." I had to play it again to make sure I heard it right. Did not expect that in this film!