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  1. Some of ya’ll (Team Sanity) have never been fully and repeatedly completely self-destructive, and it shows. 5 Stars.
  2. And She lived Happily Ever After.........How? Lizzie’s Id, Ego, & Super Ego all found balance and harmony. ”Hold Up? Yeah, ok Fred is her Id, but I didn’t see no Super Ego walking around.” Oh yes you did. No one else does though. That’s right Janie (the lovely and great Carrie Fisher) ISN’T FUCKING REAL EITHER. BOOM. MIC. DROP. Ok, I’ll pick it back up for some explanation. When the mother comes to the apartment she all but ignores Janie. Why? Cause she isn’t real. Only Lizzie can see her. Lizzie’s Super Ego has manifested itself into a successful, strong, and independent woman. But wait, there’s that meeting at the board room where she excuses herself in front of a room full of people. No one looks up or acknowledges her. When she raises her voice and starts hitting the wall? Once again, not even a head in her direction. At this point Lizzie’s Id, Fred, sabotages the unhealthy thing in her life. That’s right, Lizzie is also having an affair with an older married man. Hence the “I only have wet dreams” remark to a complete stranger. He was being creepy old perv hitting on his side piece. In a Tyler Durden maneuver Lizzie pulls a chair out of the office, beats up a fake Id, all while exposing Murray’s affair. But, what about the boat Condo? Oh, you mean the one Lizzie somehow knew how to start up and start driving? It was hers already. Maybe her Dad left it for her. She uses her id to them destroy the boat that’s a negative aspect in her dirty, double adulterating life. That is not Charlie’s car she’s driving at the end of the film. That’s the car she bought with the money she scored for the insurance money after it sank. There you have it. Team Fred. Team Lizzie, Team Janie. The Mother? Oh yeah super abusive. We first meet her and she’s in a pink blouse with matching pink nail polish. That’s some Type A behavior, but not a red flag. Then BOOM, open the door to Lizzie’s room and everything is Pink. Why? Cause the Mother was so controlling she didn’t even let her daughter decorate her own room, have her own ideas, or any control. Could Fred and Janie be manifestations of her idea parents? Your GD Right. Id. Ego. Super-MF-Ego. I’m Out.