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  1. Doh!! I guess I shouldn't have called some MAGA dude a cunt {British usage} and got banned...Thanks for the funny shit in this forum. Peace, all!
  2. Here at Olive Garden, you're family, so feel free to call your waitress a whore, and storm out.
  3. Things just keep getting worse. I've got diaper rash on both hands, AND I'm not allowed to be within 500 yards of a hospital nursery.
  4. I told the doctor that my nipples have been REALLY sensitive lately, then he told me that I could rinse and spit because he'd finished putting the crown on.
  5. Real estate tip: You can always tell if the house was built in 60's or 70's by the untrimmed bush in front.
  6. I like watching bukkake porn in reverse, because it just looks like a group of men vacuuming sperm off a woman's face with their Hoover-like dicks.
  7. Yea, but the joke's on him, because you set its alarm to go off every ten minutes. Unless it's on vibrate, then he wins again.
  8. My neighbor and his girlfriend are unaware that they recently made a sex tape.
  9. If you need nipples, I know a guy.
  10. Some lady had the audacity to call me a racist and a bigot today! At least I think that's what she said, I'm not really sure...it's really hard to hear in that sheet.
  11. Just once, I'd like Henry Louis Gates Jr. ,to tell the celebrity on Finding Your Roots, that every one of their ancestors turned out to be syphilitic pedophiles.
  12. I was shitting in the adjacent stall when that guy from The Digital Underground got busy in the Burger King bathroom.
  13. My Pulp Fiction inspired, "Bring out the shrimp!' line kills at Red Lobster.
  14. The fact that I'm sitting in a tree stand, watching your bedroom window with binoculars, doesn't make me a perverted creep! It's probably the fingering of my butthole that does that, but I'm no lawyer.
  15. Slappywhite

    Red thumb

    Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Word to the wise, this does NOT work for rose bushes, and will lead to you having to answer a lot of questions from the sheriff's department, your parents, and the owner of those bushes.