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    Episode 302 - Jesse Farrar, Our Close Friend

    Hey Sean and Hayes I know you guys are always looking for new ways to get listeners so I'm giving you a few ideas free of charge (you can pay me if they pan out): 1. I've noticed cooking is pretty popular with Gordon Ramsay and whatnot, maybe try having Sean make an omelette in the background or something while Hayes teaches us how to dice tomatoes properly? 2. Attractive women - not sure how this would play over the air but lots of shows and movies are successful cause they have attractive women on, maybe describe them some for the audience so we know how attractive they are something like that 3. Mix things up maybe have Sean be Bret and Bret be Sean for a little bit, or have one of the engineers come on and host the show while you guys make the audio levels work (I read this in a book about improving business and podcasts are like businesses) 4. Invite F. Lee Bailey on the program - I'm sure he isn't doing much and would love the attention and people want to hear from him about Patty Hearst and OJ (and no I'm not F. Lee Bailey looking to get on your show) 5. Try taking things a bit more seriously on the show. Much of EarWolf is comedy, go against the grain, try something really dramatic and dark, like Hayes gets an abortion or Sean loses his contact lenses, something to really get the audience weepy eyed and waiting to see what happens next.