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    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    Haha yes! When I heard hair shirt my mind jumped to the BNL song too. I went to a religious college and remember learning it's a shirt made of a rough, uncomfortable material that a religious person would wear as a form of self punishment. It's still kind of fitting the villain of this movie would fashion himself a hair coat. Although it reminded me more of a Cruella De Vil.
  2. Elizabeth B.

    Episode 243 - The Peanut Butter Solution

    When I looked up the other movies in the Tales for All series I was surprised to find I had seen one of them in school, Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler. I remember it being pretty good, nothing too strange happened. It had magical elements, but there weren't these weird twists like in The Peanut Butter Solution. The Wikipedia entry says, "It is a children's film in which a young boy, Ralph, and his sister discover a magical ability to travel the world, riding within postage stamps. Complicated by a series of rules, they are soon lost in such far-flung places as Australia and China. Ralph is plagued by a debilitating stutter, and the film is essentially a coming-of-age story wherein Ralph can speak unfettered by the film's end." Based on these two movies, its seem like they try to teach kids lessons about overcoming obstacles, but the message gets overshadowed by these insane magical adventures. Oh and Rufus Wainwright is in this movie. He and his sister also did a couple songs for the soundtrack too.
  3. Elizabeth B.

    Return to Oz (1985)

    I'm giving this thread a bump. This movies is bananas and that's why I love it.
  4. Elizabeth B.

    Phantasm (1979)

    I love when HDTGM does any horror movie. This movie has the right mix of weird and entertaining, perfect for the podcast. I want, no need, to hear them talk about The Lady in Lavender.