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    Did Ansari say, "I'm Sorry"?

    Did Aziz need to apologize for his actions as documented on babe.net? Did he even do anything wrong? Some will say, "Hell yes he did!" Others will say, "Not really, let it go already." Being decorated as a feminist ally prior to his bad date, and I'm calling it a "bad date" to save time not to mitigate how he may have crossed a line or worse, but being hailed as a feminist ally prior to the situation makes it even weirder. It's my opinion Aziz's biggest mistake was dating someone so much younger and seemingly starstruck by him. In a way the young lady's account made her look like an angry, jilted groupie. An older groupie would have been more rational and perhaps have drawn a very clear line for him if she did not want sex. He's like 35 or 36 She was like 23 or so. Yeah, that's not so way out -10-15 years difference but 23 is still finding out about life and totally ready to spill the beans if the date goes wrong. He should have had the sense to see that and not immediately gone for sex. Or found another way if sex was his only goal. He should have had the sense to have sex with another comedian or actor, not a groupie. Someone like Scott Aukermann, for example who would keep his trap shut. Wait.. Scott's married but you know what I mean. Some would say that young woman should have shown Aziz the best sex he'd ever had in his life if her goal was to win a key to the Aziz palace. It kind of looked like her goal but still, that's a big IF. If I was a young woman who wanted a ticket to Aziz Land I probably would have gone that route. Like Eminem says, "do not miss your chance to blow." Aziz Ansari did nothing criminal and seemed to back off when he was asked to. It's a mess. Do any envy the people that are in his circle who have to pretend he's a 100% innocent victim of being famous? And that they did not read the details on babe.net? Aziz's second biggest mistake was the weird fingers in the mouth shaped like a "V" to the throat crap. What the hell is that Aziz? I'm a man and can understand the whole hand grabbing and putting it on the groin thing. That's not saying it's not very uncool or somehow acceptable behavior. It's just saying that it would have been waaaay less weird for me if you did not do that weird fingers in the mouth thing. That said, young women should know there're decent guys who don't grab your hand to their groin or at least that can quickly learn not to do that. You kept your career kind of, so grats for that but if I had my way you would be in the same boat as Louie solely because of that weird fingers in the mouth shit. What the hell is wrong with you, man? I was luke-warm to you before but that really made up my mind about you. You may say, "separate my work from my behavior, would you?" to which I say, "Sorry, Ansari", no can do. I'm not judging Aziz from some high, high horse. I'm just easily grossed out by weird shit that's not in my relatively old-ass, vanilla sexual repertoire. I don't want to know about the sex my favorite comedians, actors, musicians etc have, because it would bring that same reaction if they're into weird stuff I don't understand. I hope they are all careful to "Keep it in the Closet" like Michael Jackson said. Right? I don't want to ever read an article like that about Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Sounwave, or Paul F. Tompkins.
  2. Little Tony

    Normally I wouldn't blame the performers BUT...

    Maybe you should not get so high for the entire week next time. jk, man. I don't know you. It just seems like something I'd do sans blaming the performers, though maybe I would because I've never been in your shoes. That must of really sucked when you found out. I got your seats but they cancelled because too many people had to be emailed. All of the performers were in cubicles emailing people about which Wednesday on what date. Despite the chanting they all just tiredly walked across the stage with their lunch boxes, pointed at their watches, shrugged, punched out and went home. Nobody said anything. The audience just got emails from the performers stating they were too tired from emailing everyone, which was kind of cool, but mostly it sucked.
  3. Little Tony

    What segue could have saved Kramer?

    This is terrible and I honestly hope Michael Richards stopped beating himself up about his mishap back at the Laugh Factory. It's kind of sick but now and then with half a guilty grin and half a cringe I'll rewatch him going off then saying, "You see? This shocks you.", as if he needed to go there so he could take us to a much higher place somehow then trailing off with, "Those words.. those words..." but he never took us there. Why not? A bad segue. That's why. Sure, also something good on the other side would have helped a bit but he set himself up with a weak segue. Anyway, I could not stop myself from thinking.. or maybe wishing that there was a magic segue that would have turned it all around for him. Maybe a word like, "Razamataz! Ha cha cha cHAA!" Something that would have joyously brought that entire audience back. They'd all be on his side, loving him with tears in their eyes because despite whatever horror his previous rant brought into the room the amazing segue and next topic would bring it all together and make the seemingly career-ending slip suddenly make perfect sense. They'd all be nodding and smiling regardless of race or gender identity and saying, "Yeah, Kramer I see where you're going now and thanks for taking us, you effing genius." Not so much because I like Michael Richards or am a racist do I ponder so, but because I honestly want to know what that segue would look like. I mean an actual segue that could have put him back on course and yeah to some extent what follows it too, sure sure. But with all of the infinite combinations of words that exist, though unlikely it seems, there has to be a segue that could do it.