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  1. Just got back to the future from saving JFK. Nothing had changed except my penis was 2 inches smaller.
  2. If you’re in London be careful when you ask someone where you can find some chapstick. Because you may end up like me with someone’s dick in your hand.
  3. If someone asks you if you’re ticklish. Respond, very much so, and I also have explosive diarrhea.
  4. What do you mean there are a lot of bugs and don’t open my mouaghhhhh!!!
  5. Quick quick hide your dick, quick quick hide you dick.
  6. If it’s cluckin it’s time for fuckin. But a chef’s gotta do what a chef's gotta do.
  7. The saying is true. I broke by friends dick and had to buy it. Whatcha gonna do?
  8. Anyone else eating a delicious waffle cone overflowing with Desitin?
  9. Inside my penis I got the vaccine, now who’s gonna get that promotion Maxine?!
  10. One on the hand is worth two in the Bush you see. Make of it what you want, but I totally agree.
  11. If you want to dance you put a chicken in your pants.
  12. Penis penis on the wall. Wait... who’s penis is that? It’s not mine at all!
  13. On Hanukkah for 8 days the Menorah is lit. Then play with the labia Minora, and clit.
  14. I’m no spring chicken anymore because now it is winter.
  15. When someone is said to be skinny, you may think that the person is thin. But perhaps that person has lots of skin.
  16. Fun anagrams for “what’s up hot dog” for you and me:How god tap Tush, Pod twas tough, and Ho Twat do gush p.
  17. Menstruate. Men straight. Straight men. Time to mate.
  18. Shouldn’t the term “pantsed“ be when someone pulls your pants up ?
  19. My eyes drifted down someone’s mask today. I got busted, it was awkward, so I slowly walked away.
  20. Wouldn’t you say, that a great question to ask at a funeral is “do you suspect foul play?”
  21. Why aren’t there more songs about cabbage?
  22. I told my guest he is free to roam. Just the other day he ate me out of ass and home.
  23. The dink dink man?! Why are you in my kitchen washing a pan?
  24. Milk milk lemonade around the corner is just a bloody mess.
  25. Eenie meenie miny and moe were all mauled to death by a tiger, wouldn’t you know.