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    The Fanatic (2019)

    Agreed. The fact that his son was autistic should have also made him pass on this movie, or at least pass on the idea of playing it like he was autistic. And, not just autistic, but the Dustin Hoffman Rain Man version. Not at all what autism looks like.
  2. JenM76

    The Fanatic (2019)

    I love John Travolta as well...have since I was a kid and saw Grease. I just wish he would start picking better movies and directors that lead him down the correct path.
  3. JenM76

    The Fanatic (2019)

    I am not sure if this is the next comeback for or the death note for John Travolta. John Travolta plays a super crazy, possibly autistic (??), possibly developmentally disabled super fan named Moose..yes, Moose. He wears horrible floral shirts, shorts, and a backpack. He has a half bowl cut (cut waaaaaaay too high above the ears) half mullet hair cut. He is super obsessed with an actor, played by Devon Sawa (of Final Destination and Idol Hands "fame"). He stutters and sways and rocks and whines. Ugh, so bad. To top it all off...it is co-written and directed by Fred.Effing.Durst. AND, there is a whole scene where Devon's character is with his kid in the car jamming to a Limp Bizkit song. I cannot WAIT to hear your take on this one. :-)