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    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    So not sure if the cookie math was done in the show(havenโ€™t finished it) but here is mine Roughly, if a cookie recipe needs eggs itโ€™s usually about one large egg per dozen cookies. So 10 Dozen eggs is 120 eggs which gets you 1440 cookies. So about one tenth of the number of eggs she needs to make 15,000 cookies. Clearly she is bad at cookie math
  2. Thebuttstartswherethetaintends

    Episode 238 โ€” Bloodshot (w/ Adam Scott)

    Like Cameron.H said, I was not really being jealous and was more put off by the optics of it. I am lucky that my family and I are not in a bad financial situation right now but I know many that are not so lucky. I also not a big fan of seeing people waste money needlessly. You are right, its not really my business though and they can spend their money how they like. I just hope they consider looking into ways they can keep separate accounts but share purchases in the future(Like Apple, Google or Amazon family share). THen maybe throw that extra $20 over to a food bank.
  3. Thebuttstartswherethetaintends

    Episode 238 โ€” Bloodshot (w/ Adam Scott)

    I don't want to start a war or anything but was anyone else a little put off by the whole conversation about June and Paul buying the movie twice because they don't share accounts. Not sure if it was a bit or not so maybe I am reading to much into it but right now a lot of people are struggling really hard to make ends meet and it just doesn't seem all that funny to hear that two married people living under the same roof(and stuck there because of Shelter-in-place) apparently bought a movie twice because "reasons". I get that people like to be independent and many couples don't combine their finances even when they get married but there is a difference between independence and being wasteful. I know its only $40 dollars, I know its just silly and I know its not really our business but it just came off as a bit tone deaf right now. Also for Paul and June, look at setting up an Apple family sharing. Two adults can have their own accounts but share purchases between each other(I think you can even choose what to share and not share), once your kids get older you can create child accounts as well for their devices.