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  1. Okay after now watching the live show I take back what I wrote originally about it feeling like a punishment of Canadian fans. The live show made enduring this movie actually worth it and it was amazing.
  2. Governor Gabbi looks like the budget was $5000 and everyone dialogue is dubbed - in English so nothing sounds right and characters and relationships make 0 sense. They had 3 shooting locational that are recycled to the point that you can see a kitchen from one location is the same in another same with a living room that doubles as the a senators house and a meeting place between two other unrelated characters. It’s the kind of movie that was written by sisters starring one of them and directed by their brother. (I think). It looks like the final film of a very terrible film school program that would have come in last place in the class. I don’t even know how this is going to be a funny show. I’m actually annoyed.
  3. I have to say as a long time ardent fan I was REALLY disappointed with this ‘movie’. This isn’t a bad movie or a so bad it’s fun movie or a forgot weird gem it a terrible student film that is the biggest piece of sh-t I have ever seen in my life. It’s like you wanted to punish the Canadian audience by picking a (very bad) student film about the American political system (sort of) which many people here won’t get and then you chose one that is impossible to find without a hack and a computer hooked up to TV - and deciphering the password clue. I was able to get over all those barriers but about 1 minute in immediately regretted my tenacity. This movie has 0 redeeming qualities. Besides the John Snow poster (not the scene just that it was in there) and the amazingly bad ADR. This was insanely sad. My wife was was mad too. We got merch shirts and were psyched and instead of something like ‘Teen Witch’ we get this just utter trash. I’ve seen many film school movies and this was one of the worst. I expected more and think you left your fans down here big time with this.