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    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    Long time listener and first time caller (or words to that effect). This piece of shit is right up my alley. Cheesy scifi knockoffs are the best. I actually watched this horror show on television when I was a child and I remember thinking it was pretty good. Children are stupid. Although you covered the (movie?) pretty well, there are some amazing behind the scenes facts I just had to share. You can really dive into a rabbit hole researching this one. There is a reason you sensed such amazing chemistry from Stella and Elle is because Caroline Munroe (who played Stella Star) actually was in a relationship with Judd Hamilton (who played Elle). They recorded albums together and even got married. The real story her though is our good pal Akton (played by Marjoe Gunter). Marjoe was born to a fanatical, Pentecostal couple and was raised from birth to be an evangelist. He was publicized as the world's youngest preacher and even presided over a wedding at the age of 4. By his 20's he had become dissolutioned and decided to participate in a documentary which would expose the hypocrisy and deception of religion. The documentary is called "Marjoe" (his name is a combination of Mary and Joseph). You should really watch it. Hard to describe just how crazy it is. This also explains his mysterious persona and those hypnotic eyes. Any of his movies are well worth the hdtgm treatment. Lastly, the amazon queen was played by Nadia Cassini who actually was an Italian adult film star. No wonder it gave you that feeling.