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  1. Gayle, Oprah's best friend.
  2. Burt Gerking

    Spank that whistle!

    Spank that whistle!
  3. Ask her how she's doing? I hardly know her.
  4. Is that a banana in your pocket or a plantain? I can never tell the difference.
  5. A Different Time is a solo piano album by John Medeski, featuring performances on a 1924 French Gaveau piano, which was released on the OKeh label in 2013.[1] Critics greeted the album with mixed receptions.
  6. Burt Gerking

    Somebody stop me

    Somebody stop me
  7. If you can't stand the beak, get out of the chicken.
  8. But if I'm here and you're there, then who's keeping an eye on Regis Philbin?
  9. All this smirkin' and lurkin' has got me hurtin' for a squirtin'.
  10. I bequeath the brief quief unto the beef chief.
  11. But it wasn't until he told me to stop milking the situation that I realized I was on Jersey Shore.