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  1. the watcher

    Episode 61 — Pauly Shore, Our Close Friend

    I'M CONFUSED! Was Pauly Shore playing along and was acting the part? After listening to so much CBB etc, I legit can't tell if he's making it up or if he's being genuine(ly terrible)
  2. the watcher

    Just gotta say

    I heard the missed "my wife" opportunity too! I actually said it out loud in anticipation.
  3. the watcher

    Human Skin Truck Baby

    Ugh, another example of the truckiarchy. Just look at where those headlights are shining! "My eyes are UP HERE"
  4. Working on some prop/set graphics here at the office, and reading a script for an upcoming episode of a TV show that may or may not be on a network that rhymes with "LEE VEE ESS". Lookie lookie! The TICK TOCK WOMAN cometh