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  1. I love movies that show someone's psychology. This does it for me. The Room,obviously. And I also think M Night might be somewhere on this spectrum. You can see someone has a lot of feelings to work through. It's more than a film. It's a document. It's art.
  2. ChupoVerde

    Episode 228.5 — Minisode 228.5

    I would like them to revisit the Holiday in Handcuffs film. I just saw that one recently and the amount of bonkers... Why it could easily fit an hour's worth of conversation. Jason could talk about for literally 15 hours about the fashion alone
  3. ChupoVerde

    Episode 228.5 — Minisode 228.5

    Just watched Spirit of Christmas and Holiday in Handcuffs. I can't wait to hear what Jason has to say about that sweet ghost D! What a joy