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  1. Jindai

    Episode 240.5 โ€” Minisode 240.5

    I'm honestly surprised anyone doesn't enjoy Amazon Prime, especially during the Stay-At-Home time we're in. I've been a Prime member since 2007. and haven't even thought of cancelling it in all that time. And Prime Video isn't even 10% of the reason. Then again, I have lived in the boonies most of the last 20 years, so delivery was a nice thing. Cheers to you not needing it, except occasionally.
  2. Jindai

    Episode 240.5 โ€” Minisode 240.5

    There were two previous movies by the same Production company "Cannon Films", even starring the same actor, Shรด Kosugi. although in 3 very different roles. The First was "Enter the Ninja", which I found on PlutoTV, The Second was "Revenge of the Ninja" Also on Pluto, or Vudu for free, and then this one. There is no continuity of Story, or of any single character, so watching them all won't add anything except a bad taste in your mouth. You can trust me on that, or blame me for pointing out where to find them. LOL
  3. I wrote a script that I think is better This is bad Scene: Office CUBICLE Desk, three monitors, coffee cup, knick Knacks of marvel fandom, wooden puzzles "Oh, this is bad, this is really bad" A gunshot is heard Dead guy in cubicle The End
  4. Can I also get this message? I can't find it anywhere (legitimate) and PH is blocked here. Why wasn't there a mini-episode just to give me a change to find this earlier.
  5. Jindai

    Iron Sky (2012)

    This movie is a camp classic. It is so tied to the era, but still holds up with the current administration. The theme that they are stuck on the moon because they haven't developed computing power needed and is almost solved by an iPhone is precious. Since is was only ALMOST, they have to travel back to earth to get an iPad! It's great, hilarious, and super bad. They also crowd sourced a sequel, which is a lot harder to find, and I can't tell you it's any better or worse. Just do this movie, please!