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  1. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned, but did anyone else really look at the birth certificate Kate finds for Daniel’s son? It is absolutely fascinating to me. Firstly, Lily married the brother to cover up her out of wedlock pregnancy, but then lists Daniel as the father, names the baby after him, but then doesn’t include a “Jr.” in the name. So what is it, Lily? Are you ashamed of the pregnancy or owning up to it? I’m getting mixed messages here. But my FAVORITE part is how Lily’s name is listed. During a flashback, they say her name is Lily Culver. However, the birth certificate clearly says, “Maiden Name of Mother: Lily Forsythe”. LILY. FORSYTHE. Does this mean that, not only does the birth certificate reveal the truth of the baby’s real father, but also that Daniel and Lily are related?? Maybe even siblings?!? So not only do they have a child out of wedlock, but also the product of incest? While that would make this movie a million times more interesting, it would make it that much more confusing.
  2. He’s been dead around 100 years. 12 days, 100 times - that’s 1200 days. Just over three years of Daniel corporeal time. I’ve never been murdered and left behind a fiancé, but three years seems enough time for Daniel to move on. Or at the very least want a rebound hookup.