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  1. Nova

    Best of the Decade Part 4

    THANK YOU for listing those out @AlmostAGhost - I was making a list of the ones I hadn't seen, but this is a lot better. I'm not sure what my Top 10 would be yet, but now I do want to make a list and hopefully narrow it down to that many. I was glad Under the Silver Lake got some love and that would be up there in at least the top 20 for me. The person who first recommended that movie to me also threw me some other gems over the last couple of years, and because of that I'd have to throw in A Ghost Story into my top bunch as well. That is a movie I VIOLENTLY cried through. There's sobbing, there's ugly crying and there's whatever the fuck this movie made me do which was akin to convulsing my way through an existential crisis.